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Nirbi is a Frenchization of the English word nearby. Indeed, Nirbi was created to bring people or equipment closer together, regardless of physical distances.

Born in 2018 with the marketing of a personal alarm acclaimed by its customers, the Nirbi brand today offers a range of innovative, quality, eco-responsible and repairable products designed in France to use European telecommunications networks. In constant interaction with installers and end users, we can perfectly adapt our equipment to market needs. Buying Nirbi means helping to relocate the design and manufacturing of electronic products to France while gaining quality and peace of mind.

Alexandre Filleau

Nirbi Founder

Notable events

Nirbi lite
Nirbi noir sur son socle

Affordable personal alarm for seniors.

Nirbi CB4G

Lone Worker Alert Device in badge format.

Nirbi LoRa

Lone Worker Alert Device on LoRaWAN network.


Latest generation Lone Worker Alert Device.

Nirbi Mains Power Failure Detector

Maintenance-free power network monitor.

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