Speaking connected pendant

Without subscription, Nirbi lite keeps a link with loved ones at home or elsewhere!

Why is Nirbi so different?

  • Works everywhere in Europe*, indoors and outdoors.
  • Firmware fully developed in France, certified without security flaw.
  • No subscription.
  • Speech synthesis: it speaks to the user and helps him everyday.
  • Phone, GPS, fall and runaway detector. Waterproof.
  • No data collected, no data transit to servers.
  • Ultra easy configuration by free smartphone application.

Who is Nirbi for?

  • People living alone.
  • Elders.
  • People with disabilities.
  • People affected by a neurodegenerative disease.
  • Children.
  • People refusing to take yet another subscription.
  • People refusing any collection of personal data.

Technological advantages of Nirbi

  • The voice synthesis revolutionizes the understanding of the pendant: everything becomes easy and intuitive.
  • Incorporates an answering machine recognition system during emergency calls.
  • Incorporates an exclusive and powerful fall detection algorithm, minimizing false alerts.
  • No unknown person answering calls: you choose up to three caregivers from your family or friends.
  • Can be worn as a pendant or hung on the belt. Can also be used as a keychain.


Much more than a GPS tracker, Nirbi is a true guardian angel. It uses the mobile phone network to communicate.
It reassures both his user, secured, and his helpers who can locate and talk to him at any time.
All Nirbi include the following functions that you can activate or disable during initial setup.

Hands-free phone

Thanks to its simplified telephone function, simply press a single button to call a loved one. Conversely, a loved one can easily reach the person equipped with Nirbi: it picks up automatically.
  • Two-way voice communications with built-in waterproof speaker and microphone.
  • Ability to call a phone number from Nirbi.
  • Ability to receive calls from 3 different phone numbers on Nirbi, other incoming calls are rejected.
  • Ringer or speaker volumes are adjustable from 0 to 100%.
  • A vibrator built into Nirbi ensures an effective incoming call warning.

Manual alert : SOS

You have a problem? Press the SOS button to launch an alert sequence. 3 loved ones are immediately notified by SMS while Nirbi automatically calls each of the 3 numbers until someone picks up.
  • When the SOS button is pressed, an SMS is immediately sent to the 3 people declared as helpers with the Nirbi GPS location on a map.
  • Then, Nirbi calls the first helper (out of the 3) until he answers.
  • If not, Nirbi continues to loop the helpers until one of them picks up.
  • Nirbi exclusivity: the pendant recognizes that an answering machine has answered the call and continues to call the other helpers.

Automatic alert: exit from authorized perimeter

In case of exit from a perimeter set during the initial configuration, an SMS including the Nirbi GPS position is sent to the 3 helpers. This function can be useful for equipping people affected by a neurodegenerative disease to find them quickly when they go astray.
  • During the initial configuration of Nirbi, a GPS point and a radius are requested (from 10 m to 30 km).
  • Nirbi constantly compares its current position with this perimeter. In case of exit, the alert is triggered.

Automatic alert: fall

If there is a suspicion of falling, the 3 caregivers are immediately notified by SMS while Nirbi automatically calls each of the 3 numbers until someone picks up.
  • Thanks to its 3D accelerometer, Nirbi can calculate body accelerations from different angles and thus trigger an alert precisely when he considers that the person has dropped.
  • The recognition sequence of a fall is the following (Nirbi exclusivity):
    • detection of a sudden loss of height
    • waiting 10 seconds
    • for 20 seconds, measurement of movements and the user’s posture
    • if at the end of the 20 seconds, no movement or no return to vertical posture is detected, an alert is triggered.

Automatic alert: allowed speed exceeded

If a maximum speed configured in Nirbi is exceeded, a SMS alert is sent to the 3 helpers declared. This can be particularly useful for children who have to go to school foot or bike: if they get in a car, the alarm will be immediately and discreetly sent to the 3 helpers.
  • During the initial configuration of Nirbi, a speed threshold is programmed (in km/h).
  • Nirbi constantly compares the current speed with the threshold. If exceeded, an alert is triggered automatically.

Automatic alert: low battery

Nirbi is able to send an SMS alert automatically to 3 helpers in case of discharged battery.
  • Nirbi is equipped with a rechargeable internal Li-ion battery.
  • To reload Nirbi, simply put it down every night on its support, connected to the supplied charger.
  • The autonomy of Nirbi, without recharging, is about 1 to 3 days.

Manual alert: sonar

In case of a problem, helpers can remotely trigger Nirbi's transmission of a powerful sound signal, making immediate the location of the user in his home.
  • Signal composed of three extremely audible sound frequencies.
  • Switching on and off the signal via the smartphone application or by sending an SMS.

Automatic alert: programmable voice messages including pillbox

Unpublished function: Nirbi has a voice synthesis and speaks distinctly French, English and Spanish. It is able, according to hours programmed during the configuration, to inform vocally the carrier of different events.

System voice information:

  • Phone call in progress
  • Request for assistance
  • Possible fall
  • Runaway
  • Return to the authorized perimeter
  • Excessive speed
  • Low Battery detection
  • Sonar activation request
  • No telephone network
  • No SIM card
  • SIM card inserted locked by PIN code
  • Charging in progress
  • Pairing in progress
  • Successful pairing
  • Failed pairing
Pill box:
  • Order to take the drugs, up to 3 times a day
  • Order to wake up
  • Order to take each of the 3 meals and a snack
  • Order to drink, up to 3 times a day
  • Order to go to bed
Exemple d'un message vocal de Nirbi

What does the Nirbi box contain?

When you buy Nirbi, you receive a box containing much more than just a pendant.
Everything is included, all you have to do is insert your SIM card!
  • 1 necklace with anti-traction clip.
  • 1 USB cable connecting to the power supply.
  • 1 miniature screwdriver to open the lid of the pendant and insert a SIM card.
  • 1 Nirbi pendant.
  • 1 power supply.
  • 1 docking station intended to be placed on a bedside table. It is connected to the power supply via the USB cable. Charging is simply done by placing Nirbi on its base each night!
  • 1 user manual.

How to configure Nirbi?

Enjoy a free customized smartphone app that allows you to quickly configure and use Nirbi.
Its interface is designed to be as intuitive as possible.

Nirbi Android and iOS app

0 minutes
top time to make Nirbi ready!

How to get a Nirbi?

It's easy !

Technical characteristics


The 850/900/1700/1800 MHz quad-band GSM network carries all of Nirbi's information. It also allows a real voice communication with the person equipped. Nirbi uses the 2G network: the datas are not necessary in the telephone subscription which can be basic.


Equipped with a GPS chip, Nirbi can be geolocated in real time with a precision of about 10 meters. Perimeter alert functions and speed alert are from the GPS.


Nirbi is equipped with an electronic chip to calculate body accelerations and act accordingly to generate a fall alert.


Nirbi can work without problems in the shower or in the rain, it is IP65 certified.


You buy Nirbi without subscription and are totally free from the choice of the telephone operator. Nirbi uses a micro SIM card (15 x 12 mm).


Thanks to its 800 mAh Li-Po battery, Nirbi can work for 3 days without being recharged. You can enable the low battery function to be notified when the battery is below 15% of its capacity.


Nirbi can vocally tell his user to take his medication up to 3 times a day. Scheduling is done quickly thanks to the smartphone app.

Vocal synthesis

Nirbi has a voice synthesizer and speaks distinctly to the user. Two types of audio messages are synthesized: system messages, programmable messages (including the pillbox).

Audio messages

Nirbi can indicate vocally to its bearer to perform certain actions of the daily life.


Nirbi measures only 6.1 x 4.3 x 1.6 cm. Its weight is 40 grams.

2 years warranty

Nirbi is guaranteed 2 years.

French Company

All the software part of Nirbi has been developed by us, on the Arcachon bay.

*: Nirbi uses the terrestrial GSM network to communicate. Its operation requires that the area of use is covered by the network of the chosen telephone operator.