4G Mains Power Failure Detector:
power outage detector on mobile network

Please note: this product requires a SIM card (not included) to work. A minimalist voice + SMS plan is enough. Card format: nano SIM.

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Up and running in just a few moments, Nirbi 4G Mains Power Failure Detector is a standalone mains outage detector that sends SMS and makes phone calls immediately after a power outage or recovery. Its innovative technology based on capacitors allows operation without batteries and therefore maintenance-free. The detector can be screwed to a wall or placed on a flat support. The initial configuration of the phone numbers to contact is done by sending a few SMS.


A power outage immediately triggers the sending of SMS and phone calls to one to five contacts. The detector is then powered by internal capacitors.


A power recovery immediately triggers the sending of SMS and phone calls to contacts. The internal capacitors recharge.


At any time, it is possible to obtain the status of the detector by sending it the character "?" by text message. It responds immediately with an informative SMS.




During configuration, you enter up to five phone numbers of people to contact during power outage or recovery events. For each number, it is possible to choose whether to send SMS and/or make a phone call.

By default, the SMS sent simply contains the power outage or recovery event. It is however possible to store in the detector during its configuration a free identifier (for example “TRANSFO HT NORD 4”) and a clickable geolocation link of the installation location (for example 48.85841, 2.29448 corresponding to the latitudes and longitudes of the Eiffel tower) in order to optimise the speed at which technicians respond when they receive the SMS.

Here is an example of a simple alert SMS, of an alert SMS with identifier and geolocation, of a telephone call then of a response to a status request.

Simple mains outage SMS

Mains outage SMS with identifier and location

0:00 / 0:00

Simple mains recovery SMS

Mains recovery SMS with identifier and location

0:00 / 0:00

Status request by SMS

Made in France

  • French hardware, firmware and software design
  • French manufacturing in our workshop
  • 100% of spare parts available in after-sales service

Frequently Asked Questions

The user manual is freely downloadable on the product purchase page.

Yes. Its professional quality allows maximum reliability. However, do not place the device inside the cold room but outside, as close as possible to the installation’s power supply (0 to 40°C).

We provide a very high gain multiband antenna. The reception is better than that of a mobile phone.

No. Thanks to innovative technology based on capacitors, the detector constitutes a sufficient energy reserve to send the power outage message without requiring batteries.

The SIM card used must be associated with a plan including voice + SMS. A minimalist package is enough.

Examples of use

State of the power grid supplying a computer room

State of the power grid supplying a second home

State of the power grid supplying freezers

State of the power grid supplying a boiler room

State of the power grid supplying a cold room

State of the power grid supplying an electrical bay

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