Femme portant un pendentif Nirbi au cou


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Pendentif connecté Nirbi noir sur son socle de recharge (vue d'artiste)

Nirbi is derived from the English “nearby”. Indeed, we designed Nirbi in order to bring the user closer to his caregivers.

Simply by placing it on the provided docking station, which is itself connected to the power supply. This docking station fits perfectly on a night table and can recharge every night Nirbi. Note that there is no plug to introduce in Nirbi to recharge it: the only fact to put it on its docking station is enough.

The sound power of Nirbi is comparable to that of a mobile phone in hands-free mode. The volume is adjustable from 0 to 100%.

It depends on the activated features and the frequency with which you request it. The order of magnitude is 1 day by making a dozen voice calls with all the functions activated up to 3 days if you do not make a call and you disable the runaway and excessive speed alarms. We recommend charging Nirbi every night by putting it on its docking station.

No fear to have! Stripe is a Californian company directly competing with Paypal for more than 8 years. It has 1,100 employees worldwide and makes millions of transactions every day for e-commerce sites using the latest data encryption technologies. Why did we choose Stripe? Certainly because PayPal is more intrusive and seeks first to make you open a Paypal account before allowing a simple credit card payment … Stripe has no ulterior motive.

It all depends on the method of payment you choose: if you pay by bank transfer or check, we must wait for the receipt of payment to trigger the shipment. If you pay by credit card, we immediately trigger the shipment. Once the shipment has been planned, your package is delivered to the carrier within 2 business days maximum. The routing by Colissimo taking 2 days, your package will be at home 4 working days after receipt of payment.

We are well positioned at the tariff level because we only sell one product: it is you, our customers, who directly manage the assistance of people equipped by Nirbi. Not having a telecare center to finance, we focus on our electronic know-how and can offer affordable prices.

Not at all! Nirbi is an assistant device related to a mobile phone. This is a product that has not been designed to meet military or medical standards, especially in terms of continuity of service. Indeed, it may happen, due to a non-GSM coverage by the telephone operator, that Nirbi is not able to process a call request. In your case, an IP65 ruggedized satellite phone complying with military standard MIL-STD 810F is required. For information, such a device costs 10 times the price of Nirbi which must be added about 150 € per month for satellite service subscription.

Not necessarily. If you have a smartphone, setting up with the Nirbi app is extremely easy. Otherwise, just with a mobile phone, you can configure Nirbi by sending SMS. All this is explained in the manual. You can, for example, set up a protection zone, add the 3 numbers of carers, ask for a location etc …

We do not sell subscriptions. We sell you Nirbi and it is up to you to obtain a SIM card from a mobile operator of your choice. Nirbi using 2G (voice and SMS), a minimalist package available at some operators for € 2 per month is perfect.

The necklace supplied with Nirbi has been specially designed to open when pulled.

If technically you can put any phone number in the 3 contacts of helpers, we strongly advise not to register directly public authorities. Indeed, it is much better to first alert the family who, if it is a real situation of distress, will alert the rescue.

Nirbi includes a GSM mini with much lower radiation levels than a smartphone. However, by applying the precautionary principle, we do not recommend the use of Nirbi with a pacemaker unless it is at least 20 cm away from it.

We are delighted to have the opinion of our customers. You can leave us your suggestions on the contact form.

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